Al Fadi has been invited to speak on political Islam and how Islam and American politics intersect. This is a collection of television appearances, lectures, and other conversations about political topics.


ISIS claims responsibility for deadly terror attacks in Iran

Al Fadi, an ex-Muslim turned Christian, on the ISIS-conducted terror attacks in Iran.

Former Muslim on the Koran's dangerous demands for jihad

Author who converted to Christianity opens up on the Quran

Are Islamic leaders doing enough?

Nov. 18, 2015 - Spirited Debate: Al Fadi on whether the fault is in the person or the religion itself

Are Islam's top leaders doing enough to stop radicals?

Feb. 26, 2015 - Al Fadi on the renewed call to stop extremism in the Middle East

What is the true face of Islam?

Zuhdi Jasser and Al Fadi discuss the question of the true meaning and faith teaching behind the Muslim religion

Fighting in Iraq highlights age-old religious conflict

Al Fadi lays out the reasons for the fighting between Shiites and Sunnis

ISIS use 'sophisticated' web to attract foreign fighters

Al Fadi on the challenge to fight against radical recruitment